Balancing Procedures

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Most women who undergo a unilateral (one sided) mastectomy with reconstruction elect to undergo a balancing procedure on the unaffected side. This may be done at the same time as the initial reconstruction, or more typically, at a later time. The procedure on the unaffected breast is referred to as a “balancing procedure”. Women who are smaller breasted may elect at this time to undergo an augmentation, and women who have always been burdened by larger pendulous breasts frequently request a breast lift and/or a breast reduction. The goal of the balancing procedure is to make the breasts as symmetrical as possible thus allowing greater comfort in more revealing clothing. It also assists in finding clothes and bras that fit better in general. Balancing procedures are federally mandated to be authorized by your insurance carrier. Dr Tzvi Small and the staff at Bergen Plastic Surgery are available to answer all your questions regarding breast reconstruction so please feel free to give us a call at our Paramus office.