Breast Reduction

Reasons to Consider Breast Reductions


Breast Reductions

For many women with larger breasts, it is not uncommon for pain to result.  Women can experience back, shoulder, and neck pain and might find themselves limited in terms of physical activity.  In addition, emotional discomfort and self-consciousness can impair the quality of an individual’s life.

Dr. Tzvi Small can help with breast reduction surgery.  Breast reductions can help women achieve breasts that are beautiful, proportional, and do not inhibit physical activity.  This blog article discusses the reasons to consider breast reduction surgery, and how it might be the procedure that can change the way you think and feel about your body.

Reasons to Consider a Breast Reduction

Breast reductions have helped many women achieve beautiful and proportional results.  In addition, breast reduction surgery can yield:

  • Less neck, shoulder, and back pain.
  • Breasts that are firmer, rounder, and can appear more visually appealing.
  • Proportional bust line to overall figure.
  • More comfortably sized breasts.
  • Shapley figure.
  • Ability to lead a more active life with decreased weight of breast tissue.

For women who have struggled with larger breasts and self-confidence, breast reduction surgery can make a dramatic difference in the way that they look and feel.  Women find that they are much more comfortable with the size of their breasts post-surgery.

Dr. Tzvi Small uses only state-of-the-art techniques and technology to ensure that recovery time is at a minimum.  During a consultation, Dr. Small meets with patients to understand their needs, and then creates an individualized plan moving forward.  Breast reduction surgery can help patients find the balance that they have been searching for with a cosmetic surgeon that cares about how patients feel in their bodies.

Learn More about Breast Reduction Surgery

If you would like to learn more about how breast reductions can change your life, contact Dr. Tzvi Small today.  Dr. Small will answer all of your questions about the procedure and help you to decide if the surgery could be the right choice for you.  Breast augmentations can make a tremendous difference in the quality of an individual’s life.

To learn more about how Dr. Small can help you to feel more comfortable with your body, please contact our Bergen cosmetic surgery office today.


All about Breast Reductions

Feel Comfortable with Your Body

Some women can feel extreme discomfort from their large breasts.  They can feel self-conscious, and feel pain that radiates to their shoulders and back.  Some women can even experience difficulties breathing because of the weight of the breasts.

Dr. Tzvi Small is here to help.  With breast reduction surgery, you can finally feel relief.  Through this blog, you will learn about breast reduction surgery, and find out how it can help you feel confident with your body shape and comfortable in your own skin.  Keep reading Dr. Small’s blog to find out more!

Breast Reduction Surgery

A breast reduction procedure removes skin and tissue from breasts to both reshape the breasts and reduce their size.  Breast reduction surgery can change breast weight, size, firmness, and shape.

There are many reasons to consider breast reduction surgery.  Some of the reasons that women decide to move forward with the procedure include:

  • To Feel More Comfortable- large breasts can lead to back pain, neck pain, skin irritation, and issues with posture.  Reducing the breast size can alleviate this pain.
  • To Reduce the Constant Pull-heavy breasts can make bra straps leave heavy indentations in the shoulders and skin causing extreme discomfort.
  • To Participate in Sports- large breasts can yield limitations for certain sports activities.  Sports can become awkward and even painful when a woman has larger breasts.  Breast reduction surgery allows for a woman to fully engage in sports without experiencing the pain and discomfort associated with larger breasts.
  • To Change Appearance- larger breasts can be embarrassing, especially when they are not proportional to a woman’s natural shape.  It can be hard to find clothes that fit properly, and women might feel uncomfortable with their own bodies.

Dr. Tzvi Small can help women address all of these issues with breast reduction surgery.  This is typically an outpatient procedure with a relatively quick recovery.  After the procedure, the breasts will be rounder, firmer, and have more aesthetic appeal.

You deserve to feel comfortable with your body’s features.  Let our team of cosmetic surgery experts show you how it is possible to feel confident, happy, and out of pain for good!  Contact our Bergen County office to learn more about breast reductions.

Learn More about Breast Reduction

To find out more information about breast reduction surgery, contact Dr. Tzvi Small today.  Dr. Small will answer all of your questions about the procedure and help you see if it is a good fit for your personal needs.

With Dr. Small, you can rest assured that you are working with a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced and can help you achieve the results that will make you feel confident and comfortable.  Breast reduction surgery has given many women the opportunity to feel more comfortable within their own bodies.  Find out how this can be possible for you too—contact the Small cosmetic surgery team today.



Breast Reduction Recovery

Not everyone is born with a perfectly proportioned body. There may be some parts of your figure that you wish were better contoured. That’s not uncommon, actually. Many people wish that they could enhance their figure or improve their appearance in some fashion. In order to improve body contour, one of the best things that you can do is meet with a Bergen County plastic surgeon. One particularly popular option for body contouring surgery is breast reduction surgery.


About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a body contouring surgery that is performed in order to reduce excess tissue and volume of the breasts. This is a helpful surgery to perform after a woman has lost a lot of weight. It is also commonly performed on women who naturally have breasts that are disproportionately large for their frame.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who have breasts that sag too much or breasts that are extremely large. In the latter instance, women with breasts that are very large often experience back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain due to breast size, and they often find shopping for clothes that fit properly to be quite difficult. Though it may seem antithetical, it is possible to combine a breast reduction with Bergen County breast enlargement, which improves overall shape and contour.

How Breast Reduction Surgery is Performed

A breast reduction surgery is performed much like a breast lift surgery. Traditionally there is an anchor-shaped set of incisions made (one incision around the areola, one incision along the crease where the breast meets the chest, and one incision connecting these down the center curve of the breast). Through these incision, excess tissue is removed.

Tips for Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

After you undergo breast reduction surgery, be sure to follow the instructions of your Paramus, New Jersey plastic surgeon. In general, you will want to ensure that you have transportation to and from the surgical center since you will not be in any state to operate a vehicle. You will want to get plenty of rest and stay well-hydrated. Refrain from all strenuous physical activity for a few weeks to ensure that you heal properly.

In that first week, swelling, discomfort, and soreness are all common. Most pain can be managed through the use of recommended pain medications. Any undue pain should be reported to us so we can address it as soon as possible. You will return to our practice after about a week so that your healing progress can be monitored and any sutures can be removed.

Other Important Issues to Note

You will be given a surgical bra to wear after your surgery, and it’s important that you keep it on for a few weeks after the breast reduction has been performed. This will ensure a better shape and improved recovery. Prior to your surgery, you will be asked to quit smoking and refrain from alcohol consumption. It’s important that you continue to refrain from both of these activities as they can both have a negative effect on your healing.

Learn More About Breast Enhancement and Aesthetic Surgery

As you can see, it’s important that you follow all instructions for breast enhancement surgery. If you would like to learn more about this and other breast enhancement options, be sure to contact our Bergen County cosmetic surgery center today. We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing your aesthetic goals in greater detail.

Skin Tightening Surgery after Weight Loss

Many people are doing their best to lose weight and get healthy, and for good reason. Medical research shows that being obese or morbidly obese significantly increases your chances of developing major health problems, including heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer. After losing a lot of weight, many people visit with a skilled Bergen County plastic surgeon. After losing that weight, you are bound to face a few aesthetic issues.


Loose Skin and Weight Loss – A Common Occurrence

As you gain weight, your skin will stretch out to a certain degree to accommodate the added girth. When you lose this weight, however, your skin will only be able to shrink back around your frame only so much. This is natural and part of the nature of skin laxity. The only way for you to improve your overall body contour is to undergo surgical body contouring. When you meet with a plastic surgeon in Paramus, NJ, your surgical treatment will be completely customized to your needs and body contouring wishes. Let’s do a brief rundown of the various surgeries that will be performed as part of the post-weight loss body contouring procedure.

Body Sculpting Surgeries After Major Weight Loss

There are many different Bergen County body contouring

surgeries that can be used to address matters related to the torso and the extremities. One of the most common surgeries performed is the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This surgery is specifically performed to target the abdominal area, removing any loose or sagging skin of the lower stomach area. In addition to the tummy tuck, there are also surgeries that will revise the overall tone and appearance of the arms, the thighs, and the buttocks as well. Each of these may involve varying levels of liposuction, which will remove problematic spots of excess fat that do not respond to diet or exercise.

Breast Enhancement Surgeries After Major Weight Loss

The chest can be affected a great deal by losing a lot of weight. That’s why many women and men undergo breast reduction after major weight loss. On women, the surgery is very similar to the breast lift in that both will remove excess skin and improve the overall appearance and firmness of the breasts. On men, the breast reduction surgery will help improve the overall appearance of the chest, making it appear less feminine and better contoured. In addition to those surgeries, women will sometimes undergo breast augmentation to help ensure their breast look better shaped and proportioned.

Facial Surgery Procedures After Major Weight Loss

It may surprise you, but it is not uncommon for facial plastic surgery procedures to be performed as part of a weight loss surgery treatment. The face can be affected quite drastically by weight loss, particularly the neckline and the jowls. There are lifts that can be performed to enhance the neckline and the lower face area. In addition, traditional facelift surgery and other options may be used to give you a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance after weight loss.

Learn More About Body Contouring After Weight Loss

As you can see, undergoing cosmetic surgery after major weight loss is an ideal way to improve your overall appearance. If you would like to learn more about body contouring after major weight loss, be sure to contact our Paramus, New Jersey plastic surgery center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting with you and discussing these matters in greater detail.

Balancing Procedures

Most women who undergo a unilateral (one sided) mastectomy with reconstruction elect to undergo a balancing procedure on the unaffected side. This may be done at the same time as the initial reconstruction, or more typically, at a later time. The procedure on the unaffected breast is referred to as a “balancing procedure”. Women who are smaller breasted may elect at this time to undergo an augmentation, and women who have always been burdened by larger pendulous breasts frequently request a breast lift and/or a breast reduction. The goal of the balancing procedure is to make the breasts as symmetrical as possible thus allowing greater comfort in more revealing clothing. It also assists in finding clothes and bras that fit better in general. Balancing procedures are federally mandated to be authorized by your insurance carrier. Dr Tzvi Small and the staff at Bergen Plastic Surgery are available to answer all your questions regarding breast reconstruction so please feel free to give us a call at our Paramus office.