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Dr. Tzvi Small specializes in Breast Augmentation procedures at his Bergen County NJ practice. To learn more about the procedures Dr. Small offers scroll through this breast overview page. You'll find information on breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction and Microsurgical (Autogenous) Breast Reconstruction You can also view our video library and smile gallery all about plastic surgery for breasts.




Breast Procedures

As evidenced by works ranging from ancient Greek and Roman statues to Renaissance paintings, the female form has always been regarded as a work of art. Graceful, shapely curves are a hallmark of these masterpieces and of the feminine physique, and the bust is a key part of their formation. Breast development announces the onset of womanhood, and the shape of the breasts helps give definition and beauty to feminine contours throughout a woman's life.





Breast Augmentation

Some women develop beautiful, curvaceous breasts naturally, and other women do not. However, after breast augmentation with Dr. Tzvi Small, no one ever needs to know which group you belong to. When performed by a cosmetic surgeon with his level of skill and talent, breast augmentation surgery can produce very soft, natural-looking results that are proportionate to your frame and physique. If you've ever wanted to wear a low-cut dress confidently…





Breast Reduction

Women who experience discomfort caused by disproportionately large or heavy breasts sometimes feel out of place in a society where breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure. However, Dr. Tzvi Small wants women who are interested in breast reduction to know that he not only recognizes their needs but is also committed to improving their situation. You don't have to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable anymore.







Breast Lift

If you are fighting a losing battle with gravity, breast lift cosmetic surgery can restore the shapely breasts you had when you were younger. We invite you to schedule a consultation at our offices near beautiful Van Suan Park in Paramus, New Jersey. We provide a luxurious, soothing environment in which to discuss breast lift surgery and the results that you can expect with our highly talented and respected cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tzvi Small.





Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is more than just cosmetic surgery. A woman who has lost a breast is missing a body part and is no longer symmetric. Despite the use of an external prosthesis, the absence of a breast can interfere with wearing clothing and with some physical activities. It can also cause psychological and emotional harm. Dr. Tzvi Small believes that breast reconstruction is an integral part of cancer treatment and should be available to all women…







Microsurgical (Autogenous) Breast Reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy after breast cancer treatment can be a traumatic event in a woman's life. Many women equate the loss of their breasts with a loss of femininity and seek to reconstruct their breasts after completing cancer treatment. Bergen Plastic Surgery is pleased to provide advanced microsurgical breast reconstruction, including DIEP flap surgery, for patients in Bergen County, New Jersey and surrounding areas. These autogenous breast reconstruction procedures, in which the breast is…





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The needs of breast surgery patients are varied and unique, but Dr. Tzvi Small has the experience and skill to create beautiful, soft, comfortable breasts for all of his patients. Please contact our plastic surgery practice in Bergen County, New Jersey for outstanding breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, and breast reconstruction procedures.