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Breast Augmentation Bergen County

Some women develop beautiful, curvaceous breasts naturally, and other women do not. However, after breast augmentation with Dr. Tzvi Small, no one ever needs to know which group you belong to. When performed by a cosmetic surgeon with his level of skill and talent, breast augmentation surgery can produce very soft, natural-looking results that are proportionate to your frame and physique. If you’ve ever wanted to wear a low-cut dress confidently, if you’ve ever wished that your breasts were a different size or shape, if you’ve ever desired to feel a little sexier… breast augmentation is for you. Our practice in Bergen County, New Jersey is committed to providing breast augmentation experiences that are comfortable and rewarding.

What will my new breasts look like?

Dr. Small creates beautiful, full breasts that are natural-looking and compliment each individual patient’s figure. During an engaging and informative consultation at our luxurious suite, Dr. Small will listen to your goals and hopes for breast augmentation. He will actively seek your input, but it’s okay if you’re not sure exactly what size, shape, or type of implant you want. He will help you make the very best decisions so that all of the guesswork is taken away and you can feel confident in the choices that are made. Every woman’s needs are unique and the procedure will be tailored accordingly, but Dr. Small’s breast augmentation results are uniformly exquisite. Please contact our Bergen County, New Jersey practice to begin your breast augmentation journey.

Why choose Dr. Small and Bergen Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Tzvi Small is a double-certified plastic surgeon whose technical prowess is surpassed only by his artistic vision. Dr. Small believes that it’s not enough for a plastic surgeon to simply have the knowledge and experience to perform breast augmentation successfully. He or she must also possess a creative instinct, an eye for beauty, in order to achieve results that are truly special.

Our lavish facility is another reason to choose us. You’ll feel so relaxed and pampered at our offices that you might forget that you are actually undergoing a surgical procedure, but you will receive a breathtaking reminder as soon as the surgical bandages are removed and your new, fully realized breast enhancements are revealed.

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Contact our plastic surgery practice in Bergen County, New Jersey to begin your breast augmentation journey. Our patients receive a level of personalized care that can make them feel like VIP guests at a five-star resort.