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Male Plastic Surgery

Male Plastic Surgery in Bergen County, New Jersey
A significant percentage of patients at Bergen Plastic Surgery are male. In general, men face cosmetic issues that are very different from their female counterparts. Whether they seek liposuction, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, or other male plastic surgery procedures, Bergen County, New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tzvi Small understands that men need specialized treatments to fulfill their aesthetic goals. With his attention to detail and unerring dedication to achieving outstanding, long-lasting results, Dr. Small is dedicated to helping both men and women receive the benefits of cosmetic and restorative surgery.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition in which males are possessed of excessive, enlarged breast tissue, and it affects millions of boys and men to some degree throughout the world. Usually, the symptoms can be treated with simple diet and exercise. However, in some cases, lifestyle changes are not enough. The presence of enlarged breasts has been shown to have detrimental psychological effects on males, especially boys who have yet to undergo or are undergoing puberty. Dr. Small takes care to advise his patients about the various ways to improve their appearance, while examining non-hereditary causes for the symptoms including puberty, obesity, and aging. Although surgery is the final option for many patients with gynecomastia, male breast reduction can be performed with impressive results at Dr. Small’s New Jersey practice.

Male breast reduction begins with Dr. Small performing a detailed physical exam and an evaluation of the potential causes of gynecomastia. After determining the make-up of the tissue in the area, he targets specific areas from which excess fat and tissue can be removed. Dr. Small makes a thin incision in such a way that it leaves very minimal scarring upon its closure. From this location, Dr. Small removes unwanted tissue and fat, tightens muscles where necessary, and makes any other predetermined adjustments. At the end of the procedure, the skin from the chest is pulled down and tightened around the incision, and the patient is bandaged for recovery at home.

The procedure is highly effective in eliminating breast tissue in men and in creating a flatter, more masculine chest. To learn more about male breast reduction surgery or any other procedure offered at Dr. Small’s New Jersey practice, please contact Bergen Plastic Surgery today.

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction has gained popularity with men because it quickly, effectively, and discretely removes unwanted fat from regions such as the love handles and lower abdomen. For men who would like to make some minor improvements in their bodies after diet or exercise has failed, liposuction may be the best option.

During the procedure, Dr. Small uses a thin tube called a cannula and an aspirator to target specific problem areas on men such as the belly, chin, and “love handles.” In a short period of time, he is able to take inches off the body, producing a healthier, more youthful-looking physique. If you are interested in liposuction or any of the other procedures that Dr. Small offers at his practice, please contact our office.

Eyelid Surgery for Men

The eyes are often the most expressive parts of our bodies, whatever our gender. They are usually the first thing that we fixate on when we speak to other people. We can express many emotions with our eyes that we have trouble verbalizing. Sagging eyebrows, bags around the eyes, and wrinkles or “crow’s feet” are all conditions that can obscure the eyes and interfere with body language. Dr. Small can help you rediscover the power and expressiveness of your eyes and change your overall appearance for the better with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Dr. Small begins the procedure by making very thin incisions along the natural folds of the eyelid. He then removes excess tissue and smoothes out wrinkles and bags around the eyes by tightening the skin around them. The incisions are closed delicately, and the patient is allowed to recover at home. To learn more about eyelid surgery or other procedures, please contact Dr. Small at his Paramus office.

Bro-Tox: Botox for Men

Overtime facial lines develop especially around the eyes, mouth, between the eyebrows and on the forehead. These lines can make you look tired and older. Botox treatments can prevent you from depending these lines as well as erase these signs of aging, leaving you look younger and refreshed. Botox is quick, safe and effective. It causes little to no discomfort and offers no downtime or surgery.

Contact Us about Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Tzvi Small is committed to helping men achieve their ideal body images whether they choose to undergo liposuction, chin reshaping, male breast reduction, or another procedure. A prominent New Jersey surgeon, Dr. Small understands the specific needs and desires of his male patients and is always pleased to welcome new patients to his practice. If you are a man who would like to improve your appearance or if you have any questions or concerns about plastic surgery, please contact our office today.