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Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Bergen County

Undergoing a mastectomy after breast cancer treatment can be a traumatic event in a woman’s life.  Many women equate the loss of their breasts with a loss of femininity and seek to reconstruct their breasts after completing cancer treatment.  Bergen Plastic Surgery is pleased to provide advanced microsurgical breast reconstruction, including DIEP flap surgery, for patients in Bergen County, New Jersey and surrounding areas. These autogenous breast reconstruction procedures, in which the breast is reconstructed from a patient’s own tissues, produce results that look and feel remarkably natural, without the need for cumbersome prostheses.  Thanks to these advances in cosmetic surgery and the skill of our team, you can have your breasts – and your self-confidence – restored.

What Is Autogenous Breast Reconstruction?

Autogenous breast reconstruction involves the transplantation of a “flap” of tissue (the skin, fat, blood vessels, and sometimes muscle) from the abdominal area or buttocks to the chest to recreate the breast mound.  Although the surgery and recovery are somewhat lengthier with autogenous reconstructions than with implant reconstructions, their benefits usually far outweigh any risks.  Because the patient’s own tissues are used in the procedure, the body is unlikely to reject autogenous reconstructions.  Moreover, autogenous reconstructions adapt to a patient’s weight fluctuations, and they tend to improve in shape and appearance over time.  To learn more about rebuilding your bust line with autogenous breast reconstruction, contact Bergen Plastic Surgery in Bergen County today.

Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Unlike standard TRAM flap procedures, which dissect the patient’s muscle, microsurgical techniques leave the muscles intact, allowing for the transplantation of live fatty tissue to the transplant site.  The microsurgical flap has a much better blood supply than standard reconstructive techniques and can therefore heal much more easily, with minimal risk of post-operative complications and discomfort.  Bergen Plastic Surgery provides outstanding reconstructions with SGAP, SIEA, TRAM, and DIEP flap perforator breast reconstruction microsurgery.  Our Bergen County, New Jersey-based team invites you to contact our office for more information on these treatment options.


The DIEP (“deep inferior epigastric perforator”) flap technique is a perforator breast reconstruction procedure that preserves the abdominal muscle and its strength.  The DIEP technique minimizes post-operative discomfort, quickens recovery, maintains a patient’s abdominal strength, and minimizes the risk of abdominal bulging and hernia.  Much like a “tummy tuck” procedure, the DIEP flap procedure flattens the abdomen.

Free TRAM Flap

The Free TRAM (“transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous”) flap technique is most often utilized when a patient is not a candidate for DIEP or SIEA flap surgery.  The TRAM flap procedure is similar to that of the DIEP flap, except that it involves removal of part of the abdominal muscle.   Microsurgical techniques minimize the risks often associated with the TRAM flap procedure, which can include lengthier recovery, fat necrosis of the flap, and bulging and/or hernia.

For more information on how our team can help you attain an attractive, natural-looking bust line after cancer treatment, contact Bergen Plastic Surgery.  We provide state-of-the-art breast reconstruction options including microsurgery, perforator breast reconstruction, TRAM and DIEP flap surgery, and microsurgical breast reconstruction.  Serving Bergen County, New Jersey and surrounding areas, we are dedicated to helping our patients throughout the treatment and recovery process.


The SGAP technique, a subtype of the GAP (“gluteal artery perforator”) flap technique, allows for use of buttock and hip tissue, without utilizing the muscle tissue.  GAP techniques are most often used when a patient has insufficient abdominal tissue for transplantation.


The SIEA (“superficial inferior epigastric artery”) flap technique involves the transplant of fat and skin from the abdomen.  Blood vessels are transplanted from just under the abdominal skin and surgically reconnected to the transplant tissue, thereby completely avoiding the abdominal muscle tissue. This is the least invasive microsurgical technique; however, very few patients have the proper anatomy to permit this procedure. This procedure is always explored first by Dr. Small prior to committing to a Free TRAM or DIEP flap.

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Contact Bergen Plastic Surgery for more information on breast reconstruction options including microsurgery, DIEP flap surgery, and autogenous microsurgical breast reconstruction.  Our Bergen County, New Jersey-based team is dedicated to helping patients throughout their recovery from cancer treatment.