The Cost of Breast Augmentation

Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery For individuals who are considering breast augmentation surgery, they usually have quite a few questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure.  What can I expect for my own results?  What is the recovery process like post- breast augmentation surgery?  When can I resume my normal activities after surgery? One of the other questions that arises is what are the costs associated with breast augmentation?  Through Read more >

How to Maintain Results of a Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck A tummy tuck can be a very effective procedure for individuals who are looking to shed a few pounds and tone problem areas of the body.  Abdominoplasty allows for a complete reinvention of the stomach area as the abdominal muscles are tightened, excess skin is removed, and liposuction is used to eradicate fat deposits. Dr. Tzvi Small has helped countless individuals (both men and women) Read more >

Recovering from Breast Reconstruction

  Recovering from Breast Reconstruction Surgery Breast reconstruction surgery can make a dramatic difference in the lives of women who have experienced mastectomies after breast cancer.  The procedure can help lessen the emotion and physical toll of a mastectomy, and help restore self-confidence. Breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction can be performed in a seamless transtion, one right after the other, totaling between 4 to 7 hours of Read more >

Reasons to Consider Breast Reductions

  Breast Reductions For many women with larger breasts, it is not uncommon for pain to result.  Women can experience back, shoulder, and neck pain and might find themselves limited in terms of physical activity.  In addition, emotional discomfort and self-consciousness can impair the quality of an individual’s life. Dr. Tzvi Small can help with breast reduction surgery.  Breast reductions can help women achieve breasts that are beautiful, Read more >

What Can I Expect From Breast Augmentations?

Considering Plastic Surgery If you have been considering breast augmentation, then you know all of the questions that arise with the procedure. What size breast implants should I choose?  Are saline or silicone implants a better option for me?  What cosmetic surgeon should I consider for the procedure? Dr. Tzvi Small is here to help you navigate through all of your inquiries. Dr. Small is an acclaimed plastic Read more >

Men and Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Men Men today know that it’s a competitive job market out there and looking good is more essential than ever. Dr. Tzvi Small has a significant number of male patients.  Men face different sets of cosmetic issues than women, and Dr. Small has helped many male patients achieve the results that they want. The most common procedures men undergo are injectables (Botox and Restylane) and Read more >

What are Injectables?

Injectables and You Once a month, you and your friends get together for manicures and lunch.  It has been your tradition for as long as you can remember, and you always have a great time catching up with your friends.  During your monthly get-together, you notice that your friend’s skin is radiant!  “I just wanted to say that you look great,” you tell your friend.  “What is your Read more >

All about Liposuction

Considering Liposuction You work out every morning.  You love the rush of adrenaline that you feel from cardio and lifting weights.  You enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. But what you don’t enjoy is noticing that some stubborn areas of fat will not go away no matter how hard you try to live right. “I really wish that this area would look more toned,” you always mumble to yourself Read more >

Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

What Can Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Do For You? A mastectomy can make some women feel like they have lost a piece of themselves.  A part of their femininity might have seemed to have disappeared in only a moment without any time for recourse. Dr. Tzvi Small of Paramus, New Jersey can help with microsurgical breast reconstruction.  This breast reconstruction technique allows for Dr. Small to recreate the breast Read more >

Melissa’s getting married!

Here the story of this beautiful 28 year old woman’s battle with breast cancer…it has a wonderful ending.