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Breast Lift Bergen County

If you are fighting a losing battle with gravity, breast lift cosmetic surgery can restore the shapely breasts you had when you were younger. We invite you to schedule a consultation at our offices near beautiful Van Suan Park in Paramus, New Jersey. We provide a luxurious, soothing environment in which to discuss breast lift surgery and the results that you can expect with our highly talented and respected cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tzvi Small.

What are the Advantages of a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is performed to reverse the effects that aging can have on a woman’s feminine contours. The procedure addresses all age-related concerns: excessive skin, low-hanging nipples, and spongy breast tissue. A breast lift can bring back the bustline of your youth, creating firmer, higher, and shapelier breasts. Breast augmentation may be performed along with the lift procedure for those patients who desire more voluptuous enhancements. After a breast lift, many women no longer feel as limited in the wardrobe choices that they can make or the activities that they can participate in. They enjoy increased self-confidence and the satisfaction of wearing fitted clothing. Dr. Tzvi Small believes that his patients have the right to be happy with their breasts throughout their entire lives. He is proud to serve the women of Paramus as well as breast lift patients from all over New Jersey who have traveled for his expertise. Schedule a breast lift consultation at our plush offices today and discover the high level of personalized care that makes you feel pampered and sets us apart from other clinics.

Learn More about Breast Lift Surgery in Bergen County

Contact Bergen Plastic Surgery in Paramus, New Jersey to schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Tzvi Small. We respect your privacy and will ensure that the nature of your discussion is kept confidential.