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Body Contouring Procedures Bergen County

Do you have love handles on your tummy or saddlebags on your thighs that refuse to respond to dieting or exercise? Does excess, drooping skin on your arms make you self-conscious? Or do you desire shapelier thighs or hips? Whatever area of the body you would like to tone, tighten, or reshape, our Bergen County, New Jersey practice offers body contouring procedures to help you achieve the figure you desire.

When you undergo a body contouring procedure at our practice, you are improving more than just your physique. You are improving your entire life. After surgery, you’ll be able to confidently wear virtually whatever clothing you want. You’ll also experience the freedom to enjoy activities you may have been hesitant about participating in before your procedure. From your increased self confidence to your improved appearance, the benefits of your new figure will be felt by you as well as seen by everyone around you.

Arm Lift

Arm lifts are performed to remove the excess skin that often results in an unflattering, flabby appearance, particularly along the bottom portion of the upper arms. Many candidates for this body contouring procedure have lost significant amounts of weight, which can leave behind loose folds of skin that obscure their new, slimmer physique. After an arm lift, you’ll want to raise your arms high in celebration. During the procedure, excess, droopy skin is surgically removed, revealing shapelier, toned arms for a greatly improved appearance.

Tummy Tuck

When performed by a plastic surgeon as talented as Dr. Tzvi Small, a tummy tuck can drastically reshape and improve the appearance of the abdominal region. The body contouring procedure accomplishes three important cosmetic goals: stomach muscles are tightened, fat deposits are removed, and excess skin is trimmed away. The end results are striking. For more information on how a tummy tuck can help you achieve a tauter, flatter, firmer stomach, please contact Bergen Plastic Surgery today.

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One of the most popular body contouring treatments at our practice, liposuction removes fat deposits from the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips, neck, chin, and other areas where fat deposits stubbornly accumulate. Liposuction can also be performed with great success in conjunction with other procedures such as abdominoplasty or facial plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation at our beautiful Bergen County, New Jersey offices to learn more about body contouring with liposuction.

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Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is a condition involving the accumulation of excess breast tissue in males, which sometimes results in a less masculine appearance. For those uncomfortable with how gynecomastia is affecting their figure, Dr. Tzvi Small offers gynecomastia treatment, a highly effective body contouring procedure. The process is similar to the breast reduction procedure for females; however, gynecomastia treatment is tailored to meet the needs of male patients who desire a flat chest where musculature can be developed.

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Contact Our Bergen County Body Contouring Practice

Dr. Tzvi Small performs every body contouring procedure with the utmost technical skill; with his eye for beauty and symmetry, he creates breath-taking results for our patients. Schedule a plastic surgery consultation today at our practice in Bergen County, New Jersey to begin your body contouring transformation.

Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures done together to help you get your pre-baby body back. Each surgery is customized to suit the individuals needs. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction can also be added to help with body contouring.