How long is the recovery after a DIEP Flap?

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Like any type of procedure, recovery after a DIEP Flap varies from patient to patient. We have had patients back to work in 3 weeks and some who have taken up to three months to resume pre-operative activities. We tell all preoperative patients that typical recovery after DIEP Flap surgery is around 6 weeks. That is six weeks until you are able to get back to your normal routine. Most people are standing completely upright after 10-14 days (as any tummy tuck patients). By the sixth week, they are driving completely on their own and may resume all normal preoerative activities. But again, it may be longer in some patients.

Patients who are the most motivated to do well, simply do better. A healthy and forward thinking attitude most certainly helps in the recovery. A strong social network is also invaluable.