Eyelid Surgery and Insurance Coverage

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One of the best ways to enhance your overall appearance is making adjustments to the eye area. The eyes are truly the windows of the soul, and just a few slight alterations can make a big difference. This goes for the area under the eyes that may appear hollow or baggy, the area around the eyes where lines and wrinkles may etch themselves deeply into the skin, and the upper eyelids that may droop or sag with age. When you come to our Bergen County plastic surgery office, Dr. Tzvi Small will assess your needs for eyelid surgery and determine which option is best for you and your needs.

When it comes to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), there are many reasons that people would decide to undergo it. Some of these reasons may actually be covered by your medical insurance. This won’t hold true for all situations, of course, but we’d like to look at the various reasons that people may undergo eyelid surgery and whether or not insurance will cover part of the cost.

One reason that people undergo Bergen County eyelid surgery is for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. If the upper eyelids droop or sag and do not look appealing, eyelid surgery is a great option to consider. However, when performed for purely elective purposes, your insurance will not cover the eyelid surgery.

Another reason that people may undergo eyelid surgery is for reconstructive surgery reasons. If you are in an accident of some kind or suffer and injury that affects your eye area or the upper eyelid, reconstructive surgery will help restore your appearance. Your insurance may cover some of the cost depending on your situation.

And yet another reason that people may undergo eyelid surgery is out of medical necessity. Indeed, sometimes the drooping or sagging of the upper eyelid may be so severe that it impairs your vision. In such cases, eyelid surgery will remove that sagging tissue to restore the vision of a patient. Medical insurance may cover this type of eyelid surgery, though it’s important to consult with us and your insurance provider just to make sure.

To learn more about your options for cosmetic facial enhancement and other matters, be sure to contact Paramus, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Tzvi Small today. We look forward to discussing these issues with you.