Brow Lift Surgery Treatment and Recovery

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For many people, the forehead is the first location of the body to display obvious signs of aging. Indeed, it is not unusual for people in their twenties to develop lines and even deep furrows on their brows. These “worry lines” can make a person look much older than his or her years, in addition to making him or her look perpetually angry, tired, or confused.

Fortunately, patients of the Bergen County plastic surgery practice of Dr. Tzvi Small can take years off of their facial appearance through brow lift surgery. Brow lift is an often ideal solution to forehead wrinkles and creases, providing a smoother, more youthful look to the brow area that can last for years. As with all procedures performed by Dr. Small, brow lift patients emerge from surgery looking natural and rejuvenated, their beauty enhanced rather than reinvented.

For the residents of Bergen County, brow lift results of the most surpassing standard are no more than a few office visits away.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Conceptually, the brow lift is a relatively simple procedure. Over time, the muscles responsible for expression in the brows become somewhat weaker, leading to sagging and drooping in the forehead area. Simultaneously, the skin loses some of its natural elasticity and fullness, which results in visible wrinkling and furrowing. While wrinkles and sagging skin are not unique to the brow, they are most readily apparent in that vital landscape just above the eyes.

The complexity of the procedure lies in the choice of techniques to perform the surgery. On one hand, Dr. Small can perform endoscopic brow lift, which is minimally invasive and well-suited to patients who simply wish to refine the appearance of the forehead. On the other hand, more dramatic results are only possible through open brow lift surgery, which requires more substantial incisions through which Dr. Small can remove excess tissue and tighten the underlying musculature. In either case, Dr. Small’s surgical skill and artistic eye will result in the smallest, most discreet incisions possible and results that look entirely natural.

For the finest results possible in facial plastic surgery, Bergen County residents can rely on the expertise and experience of Dr. Tzvi Small.

Recovery from Brow Lift

It must be understood by patients that brow lift surgery is a serious, invasive procedure that does require a healing period. Patients should expect about a week of downtime, after which they may return to work and normal activity. More strenuous activity such as rigorous exercise should be avoided for at least a couple of weeks.

During the healing period, brow lift patients should keep their heads elevated, even when sleeping. Side effects such as bruising, itching, tenderness, numbness, and redness are common after brow lift; however, these side effects generally fade within a week of surgery. Dr. Small may prescribe medication to control pain.

Although the full results of brow lift usually become apparent after a few weeks, recovery depends heavily on how closely patients follow Dr. Small’s post-operative instructions. Patients who follow these directions carefully can often accelerate the healing process substantially compared to those who don’t.

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