Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

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What Can Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Do For You?

A mastectomy can make some women feel like they have lost a piece of themselves.  A part of their femininity might have seemed to have disappeared in only a moment without any time for recourse.

Dr. Tzvi Small of Paramus, New Jersey can help with microsurgical breast reconstruction.  This breast reconstruction technique allows for Dr. Small to recreate the breast using natural tissues from a patient’s own body. These tissues lead to better recovery and beautifully natural results.

Through this blog, you will learn about some of the elements to microsurgical breast reconstruction, and find out if it could be a good fit for you.  Dr. Small believes that all women should feel confident and happy with their breasts throughout their lives—learn how this technique can help you regain confidence with your breasts too.

Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Today’s breast reconstruction techniques are ever changing, and there are now multiple ways to regain the breast shape that you want.  With autogenous breast reconstruction, the breast is reconstructed from your own tissues.  This technique yields results that not only look but feel natural too.  There are no prostheses that are necessary, and you can feel confident knowing that your breasts are naturally yours.

Microsurgical breast reconstruction involves the transportation of a “flap” of a patient’s tissue.  This tissue can be comprised of skin, fat, muscle, or blood vessels and is removed from the area around the abdominals or from the buttocks.  The tissue is attached to the chest to recreate the ‘chest mound’ or breasts.

When compared to traditional breast reconstruction techniques, a microsurgical flap allows for the abdominal tissues to heal more easily.  In addition, the results look beautiful and natural, and allow for countless women to regain confidence post-cancer treatment.

Microsurgical Flaps include:

  • DIEP Flap
  • SIEA Flap
  • Free TRAM Flap
  • Muscle sparing Free TRAM Flap

Dr. Tzvi Small is a microsurgical breast reconstruction expert, and will work with you to recreate the shape that you desire.  During an initial consultation, Dr. Small will go through all of your breast reconstruction options and help you find the option that works best for your individual needs.

With Dr. Small, you can rest assured that you have a doctor who is passionate about not only the end result, but also your care throughout the entire process.  Learn more about how microsurgical breast reconstruction can help you regain confidence and satisfaction with your body.

Learn More about Breast Reconstruction

If you are interested in learning more about microsurgical breast reconstruction, contact Dr. Small and his cosmetic surgery team.  They are here to answer all of your questions about the procedures, and help you to understand what procedure might be best for you.

While breast cancer treatments can take a large toll, microsurgical breast reconstruction techniques can help you to regain confidence in your own body.  Learn more about these revolutionary procedures and what they can do for you today!