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Men and Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Men

Men today know that it’s a competitive job market out there and looking good is more essential than ever.

Dr. Tzvi Small has a significant number of male patients.  Men face different sets of cosmetic issues than women, and Dr. Small has helped many male patients achieve the results that they want.

The most common procedures men undergo are injectables (Botox and Restylane) and liposuction.  These two procedure can either be offered in the office with immediate results (ie Injectables) or have minimal recovery time (liposuction).

Blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation), face lifting, and chin reshaping are other procedures men frequently elect to undergo to maintain a youthful and masculine appearance.

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Chin Reshaping Surgery

Some parts of your body you can really take for granted. For instance, you may not realize just how much your upper eyelids can affect your appearance until the sagging and drooping finally does hit you. Similarly, you may not think about the gradual appearance of loose skin along the neckline until it appears later in life as a result of advanced age. This brings us to the chin. Sometimes you forget just how prominent or problematic the chin can be. That’s why many people visit our Bergen County plastic surgery center.


About Chin Reshaping Surgery

Chin reshaping surgery refers to various methods of adjusting the shape and contour of the chin. In some cases, this may mean adding volume to the chin in order to enhance its appearance. In other cases, this may mean reducing the structure of the chin to make it less prominent. During your Bergen County facial plastic surgery consultation, we’ll let you know which option is best for your needs. Chances are, you can probably guess which is right for your needs already.

Best Candidates for Chin Reshaping Surgery

The best candidates for chin reshaping surgery are people who have chins that are either too prominent or not prominent enough. In some cases, people can undergo a chin augmentation surgery rather than undergoing a nose job. The increase in chin size will draw prominence away from the nose. And, obviously, it’s important that patients be in good overall health so that surgery is not a dangerous proposition.

How Chin Reshaping Surgery is Performed

The chin reshaping procedure will vary based on the needs of the patient. Your Paramaus, NJ cosmetic surgeon can go over the exact surgery with you in full detail. Let’s just go over the basics below.

If a patient has a weak chin that could be enhanced in size or shape, a chin implant will be placed. This will be inserted through a small incision underneath the chin or through an incision placed in the pocket inside your lower lip. These facial implants come in many different shapes and sizes to meet patient needs.

If a patient has a chin that is too large or prominent, then some of the chin structure will be shaved and removed. This is accomplished through the same incisions mentioned above.

Recovering from Chin Reshaping Surgery

After chin reshaping surgery, patients will experience some swelling and discomfort in the chin area. The face will feel especially tender, though this will subside with time. It’s important that patients refrain from any strenuous activity for a few weeks. If the incision is placed inside the mouth, we will suggest a rinse for you to use to prevent infection.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Chin augmentation is a very popular male cosmetic surgery. Many men who undergo chin reshaping usually have other surgeries performed as well for a full makeover. We can discuss this with you in more detail during your visit to the practice.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery

As you can see, chin reshaping surgery can have a very positive impact on your appearance. If you would like to learn more about chin reshaping surgery and your many other options for effective aesthetic enhancement, be sure to contact our Bergen County cosmetic surgery practice today. The entire team here is eager to discuss these matters with you in more detail.

Botox Cosmetic and Dysport

Simply put: they work!

These two agents are used frequently to help soften wrinkles, and even more importantly, prevent new ones from forming.

Areas most commonly used are the furrows in between the eyes. There are frequent other “off-label” areas that are injected as well. These frequently include on the forehead, and around the eyes.

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Men and Plastic Surgery

Men have lots of interest in plastic surgery and the percentage of Dr. Small’s clients who are male has been steadily increasing yearly. The most common procedures performed by Bergen Plastic Surgery on men are liposuction and blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation). While male face lifting is performed, Dr. Small usually prefers fixing just the neck to prevent an overdone look on the male face. Love handles, enlarged male breasts and the “spare tire” are the most common areas to seek treatment but the legs and arms can be done as well. Call us today if you have been thinking of correcting an area of your body that may have been bothering you for a while. We would love to get you back to feeling comfortable about yourself again!

Cheek Augmentation Procedure

When it comes to parts of the body that can really add an extra dimension to your appearance, you need to consider the cheekbones. Indeed, prominent or nicely defined cheekbones can give your face that appealing, sculpted, wonderful look that you have always wanted. Of course, not everyone is born with great cheekbones, but that’s why people visit the Bergen County plastic surgery practice of Dr. Small in order to get facial implants.

About Facial Implants and Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial implants have been used in plastic surgery for years and have been quite popular. While people often turn to non-surgical facial rejuvenation options like dermal fillers to add volume to various parts of the face, facial implants are a more permanent solution with great results. Implants are often placed for the cheekbones, the chin, and the lips to improve the fullness and contours of a person’s face.

Why get cheek implants?

One of the best reasons to get cheek implants is that great-looking cheekbones add a certain kind of glow to the face. People who have undergone cheek augmentation tend to look quite refreshed and vibrant, and the surgery’s results are often quite subtle and generally pleasing.

What to Expect Before Cheek Augmentation Surgery

When you visit with Bergen County plastic surgeon Dr. Small, he’ll go over all the matters related to pre-surgical and post-surgical care in more detail, but here’s a brief rundown of what to expect.

First of all, you’ll be asked to refrain from smoking and drinking a few weeks before surgery. Both of these can affect your healing time, so it’s best that you quit for the sake of comfort and recovery time. (You’ll also need to refrain from smoking and drinking for a bit after surgery as well.)

Be sure to wash your face the day of your surgery and that you not wear make-up to the surgery. Arrange for transportation to and from surgery and wear clothes that are loose and comfortable to the surgery itself.

The Cheek Augmentation Procedure

The cheek augmentation surgery procedure will vary from patient to patient, particularly if it is performed in combination with other surgeries. Whatever the case may be, the basics of surgery will involve the insertion of facial implants into the cheek area. If you are undergoing Bergen County rhinoplasty (nose job) or a facelift, those incisions will be used to place the cheek implants. Should the surgery be performed alone, the cheek implants will be placed through incisions made inside the mouth or in the lower eyelid area.

Recovering from Cheek Augmentation Surgery

It’s important that patients get a lot of rest after cheek augmentation surgery and that they remain well hydrated and keep their heads elevated. Any pain or swelling can be managed with pain medication and cold compresses. Most importantly, however, is that patients avoid any activities that are strenuous or might place undue pressure on the head. A follow-up surgery is normal within the first week of the surgery.

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