Breast Augmentation

The Cost of Breast Augmentation

Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery

For individuals who are considering breast augmentation surgery, they usually have quite a few questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure.  What can I expect for my own results?  What is the recovery process like post- breast augmentation surgery?  When can I resume my normal activities after surgery?

One of the other questions that arises is what are the costs associated with breast augmentation?  Through this blog, Dr. Tzvi Small will discuss the costs that are typically associated with breast augmentation surgery, so you understand what you can expect in terms of fees.  Keep reading to find out more about how you can transform your body to the contours that you have always wanted.

Breast Augmentation Costs

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, the costs are typically not covered by insurance.  However, Dr. Tzvi Small does not believe that the cost of a procedure should deter you from attaining the services that can instill more self-confidence.  Dr. Small works with you to find a payment plan that work to fulfill your individual needs.

During a consultation, Dr. Small will listen to all of your questions and concerns and offer guidance about different procedures that might be right for you.  Our team will also review the individual pricing and payment schedules that are associated with the procedures so that you can have a clear idea of what to expect.

Learn More about Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Tzvi Small

If you would like to find out more information about Dr. Tzvi Small and the plastic surgery options that he offers, do not hesitate to contact our Bergen County Plastic Surgery office.  Our team will answer all of your questions about breast augmentation and any of our other services offered.

With Dr. Tzvi Small, you know that you are with a talented and skilled surgeon who cares about your well-being and comfort. To experience the Tzvi Small difference with breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact our office today.




What Can I Expect From Breast Augmentations?

Considering Plastic Surgery

If you have been considering breast augmentation, then you know all of the questions that arise with the procedure. What size breast implants should I choose?  Are saline or silicone implants a better option for me?  What cosmetic surgeon should I consider for the procedure?

Dr. Tzvi Small is here to help you navigate through all of your inquiries. Dr. Small is an acclaimed plastic surgeon located in Bergen County.  With Dr. Small’s expertise, experiences, and attention to every detail, you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands in terms of your plastic surgery needs.

Through this blog, you will learn about breast augmentations and find out what you can expect from the procedure.  Keep reading Dr. Small’s blog to find out more!

Breast Augmentations and You

A breast augmentation is defined as the surgical placement of breast implants to increase the size and fullness, and improve the symmetry of the breasts.  During a consultation, Dr. Tzvi Small will review your individual goals and hopes for breast augmentation surgery.

Even if you are not completely sure on what shape, size, or implant type you would like, Dr. Small can ensure that you have all of the resources and insights to make a decision that is right for you.

Many women consider breast augmentation for the following reasons:

  • To restore the breast volume that is lost after weight loss.
  • To restore breast volume that is lost post-pregnancy.
  • To create better symmetry of the breasts, to adjust for any disproportions in shape and size.

Dr. Small is known for breast augmentations that are uniformly beautiful and tailored to each woman for outstanding results.  In addition, you can relax in Dr. Small’s state-of-the-art facility, and feel completely at ease with your surgical procedure.  Dr. Small works with you to ensure that you are confident with our cosmetic procedures from the time of your consultation until post-op review.  Find out if a breast augmentation is a good fit for you today. 

Learn More about Bergen Plastic Surgery

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Small’s cosmetic surgery options, including breast augmentation, do not hesitate to contact our Bergen County practice today.  We are here to answer any of your questions about a procedure, and offer insight into which procedures might best suit your individual needs.

Breast augmentation can help our patients gain confidence about their bodies.  If you would like to learn more about how you can enhance your body contours with one of the top cosmetic surgeons, contact Dr. Small today.  You can have the dream shape that you have always wanted—learn more about breast augmentation.



Why You Should Consider a Breast Lift

Considering a Breast Lift

You don’t want to notice it, but you seem to notice it all of the time.  When you pass by a mirror, you cannot help but think about it. As you stroll by storefront windows, you notice it in the reflection.  Your breasts do not have the shape that they once did.

You know that changes to your breasts’ shape and fullness is a natural part of aging, but this does not mean that you have to remain satisfied with your body’s contours.  Dr. Tzvi Small can help you restore the breast shape and fullness that you want with a breast lift.  A breast lift has helped many women regain confidence and satisfaction with their body image.  To learn more about how this procedure could help you, keep reading Dr. Small’s blog.

Changing Your Body Shape

A breast lift is a procedure that can reverse the effects of aging. It is an outpatient procedure that addresses excessive skin, nipples that hang low, or a deflated appearance to the breasts which frequently occurs after childbirth.

Excess skin is removed during a breast lift, and the surrounding breast tissue is tightened.  This results in a new breast contour that has a more supple shape and more support.   Many women choose to partake in breast lifts after:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Breast feeding
  • Changes in weight
  • Hereditary changes to breasts
  • Results of gravity

Dr. Tzvi Small is an expert in breast procedures and is able to create the body contours that you seek.  It is now possible be happy with the shape of your breasts throughout every stage of your life.  Let Dr. Small help you to regain confidence with the look of your breasts.  Learn more about this revolutionary procedure today.

Find Out More about Breast Lifts

If you have been considering a breast lift, or would just like to learn more about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tzvi Small.  Dr. Small will meet with you for a consultation to find out what you are looking for in terms of cosmetic surgery.  He will discuss your options with you, and show you specific examples of what a breast lift can do for you.

You do not have to settle for a body that you are not satisfied with post-pregnancy or as you age. With Dr. Small and breast lifts, you can have the look that you have always wanted at any point in life.  Contact Dr. Small today at his Paramus office to find out more about breast lifts and your own body contouring.


Breast Implant Revision Candidates

Breast augmentation can significantly improve the contours of a woman’s body, as well as boost her self-confidence, which may in turn contribute to a healthier self-esteem. With that being said, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is not something that should be taken lightly. We can revitalize and rejuvenate the contours of our Bergen County plastic surgerypatients, but we cannot make them different people. As with any cosmetic treatment, you should always have realistic expectations. We provide customized care that is tailored to each individual patient. By doing so, we ensure optimal results while minimizing the risk for future complications that may result in the need for breast implant revision surgery.

Breast Implant Revision Candidates

You are a good candidate for breast implant revision if you are in good health and are dissatisfied with the results of your breast augmentation surgery. Even with the best surgical techniques, breast implant revision may be required for a number of reasons, including weight gain and weight loss, size of the implants, and rupture of the breast implant. In the treatment of capsular contracture or double-bubble deformities, breast implant revision surgery may be required. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or feel of your breast implants for any reason, you may benefit from breast implant revision. Our esteemed Bergen County breast augmentation surgeon, Tzvi Small, can help patients achieve shapely feminine contours.

Breast Implant Revision Candidates: Physical Changes

The natural breast tissue is affected by weight gain, weight loss, and age. One of the most common reasons for weight gain in women is pregnancy. After the birth of the child, weight loss occurs, which also affects the breast tissue. In addition, breastfeeding can significantly affect the breast tissue. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, there is often an increase in breast tissue. Once a woman is no longer pregnant or breastfeeding, there may be a decrease in breast tissue. This can change the look and feel of the breasts, which may lead some women to feel dissatisfied with the look and feel of their breast implants. One of the most common issues that affect women as they age is sagging breasts. Some women are under the misconception that breast implants prevent breasts from sagging, but this is not true. Sagging breasts may require breast lift surgery along with breast implant revision surgery. While physical changes are natural, they do not have to keep you from having the contours you desire.

Breast Implant Revision Candidates: Implant Size

The most common reason for breast implant revision surgery is implant size. If you feel that your breast implants are too small or too large for your body frame, you are a good candidate for breast implant revision. The majority of our Bergen County breast implant revision patients desire larger breast implants. During your examination, we can help you determine the size of breast implants that will best suit your individual contours.

Breast Implant Revision Candidates: Rupture

Rupture of breast implants can occur from normal, everyday wear and tear of implants. Other causes include implants that are overfilled or under-filled, defective implants, or an excessive wrinkling and creasing of the implant that may cause premature wear. It is crucial to undergo breast implant revision surgery immediately after an implant has ruptured. If a ruptured breast implant is left in the body for too long, scar tissue surrounding the deflated implant can make implant revision surgery more difficult.

Contact Dr. Tzvi Small, M.D., F.A.C.S. Today

To learn whether you are a good candidate for breast implant revision, please contact Dr. Tzvi Small, M.D., F.A.C.S. today.

Skin Tightening Surgery after Weight Loss

Many people are doing their best to lose weight and get healthy, and for good reason. Medical research shows that being obese or morbidly obese significantly increases your chances of developing major health problems, including heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer. After losing a lot of weight, many people visit with a skilled Bergen County plastic surgeon. After losing that weight, you are bound to face a few aesthetic issues.


Loose Skin and Weight Loss – A Common Occurrence

As you gain weight, your skin will stretch out to a certain degree to accommodate the added girth. When you lose this weight, however, your skin will only be able to shrink back around your frame only so much. This is natural and part of the nature of skin laxity. The only way for you to improve your overall body contour is to undergo surgical body contouring. When you meet with a plastic surgeon in Paramus, NJ, your surgical treatment will be completely customized to your needs and body contouring wishes. Let’s do a brief rundown of the various surgeries that will be performed as part of the post-weight loss body contouring procedure.

Body Sculpting Surgeries After Major Weight Loss

There are many different Bergen County body contouring

surgeries that can be used to address matters related to the torso and the extremities. One of the most common surgeries performed is the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This surgery is specifically performed to target the abdominal area, removing any loose or sagging skin of the lower stomach area. In addition to the tummy tuck, there are also surgeries that will revise the overall tone and appearance of the arms, the thighs, and the buttocks as well. Each of these may involve varying levels of liposuction, which will remove problematic spots of excess fat that do not respond to diet or exercise.

Breast Enhancement Surgeries After Major Weight Loss

The chest can be affected a great deal by losing a lot of weight. That’s why many women and men undergo breast reduction after major weight loss. On women, the surgery is very similar to the breast lift in that both will remove excess skin and improve the overall appearance and firmness of the breasts. On men, the breast reduction surgery will help improve the overall appearance of the chest, making it appear less feminine and better contoured. In addition to those surgeries, women will sometimes undergo breast augmentation to help ensure their breast look better shaped and proportioned.

Facial Surgery Procedures After Major Weight Loss

It may surprise you, but it is not uncommon for facial plastic surgery procedures to be performed as part of a weight loss surgery treatment. The face can be affected quite drastically by weight loss, particularly the neckline and the jowls. There are lifts that can be performed to enhance the neckline and the lower face area. In addition, traditional facelift surgery and other options may be used to give you a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance after weight loss.

Learn More About Body Contouring After Weight Loss

As you can see, undergoing cosmetic surgery after major weight loss is an ideal way to improve your overall appearance. If you would like to learn more about body contouring after major weight loss, be sure to contact our Paramus, New Jersey plastic surgery center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting with you and discussing these matters in greater detail.

Popular Mommy Makeover Procedures

After a woman has a baby, her body will undergo many changes. This is natural given the nature of pregnancy. The weight fluctuations will cause women’s bodies to be altered by stretch marks and loose skin, and sometimes a woman may look older than she was prior to pregnancy. This may be why so many women come to Bergen County plastic surgeon Dr. Tzvi Small in order to undergo a mommy makeover.


What is a mommy makeover exactly?

A mommy makeover refers to a combination of different plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments intended to enhance the appearance of a woman after childbirth. Each mommy makeover is custom tailored to the patient, meaning that your unique needs will be addressed with surgeries that are performed just for you.

No mommy makeover is the same, but there are many popular and recurring procedures that are often used during a mommy makeover. Let’s take a look at these right now.

Body Contouring Options for a Mommy Makeover

One of the most common mommy makeover procedures is the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). A tummy tuck will remove excess skin that droops around the lower abdominal area, giving your stomach a taut and firm appearance. Additional lifts on other parts of the body may be performed as well depending on your needs. Whatever the case may be, liposuction is often combined with various body contouring surgeries to remove problem pockets of fat.

Breast Enhancement Options for a Mommy Makeover

A woman’s breasts will increase in size during pregnancy, and their overall shape, pertness, and appearance can be altered after a child is born. In many cases, the breasts droop or sag after pregnancy, which is why many women undergo breast lift surgery in order to reverse this. It’s not uncommon for women to also undergo Bergen County breast augmentation in order to enhance the overall size and shape of the breasts.

Facial Plastic Surgery Options for a Mommy Makeover

The face can also be seriously affected by pregnancy. Weight gain and weight loss linked to pregnancy can lead to a little drooping or sagging of the skin in different parts of the face. For this, facelift and cosmetic eyelid surgery are both particularly helpful for restoring a youthful appearance. Facial lifts for the neckline and the lower face area are not uncommon as well.

Other Facial Rejuvenation Options for a Mommy Makeover

Not all enhancements to the face need to involve surgery. That’s true in general and it’s also true of mommy makeovers. There are plenty of options for skin care and facial rejuvenation that involve little to no downtime and results comparable to surgery. Whether it’s the use of cosmetic injections or skin revivifying options, you’ll be amazed how the glow of your skin can be restored.

Learn More About Mommy Makeovers

As you can see, mommy makeovers can address multiple aesthetic issues following the birth of a child. If you would like to learn more about mommy makeovers and what they can do for you, be sure to contact our Bergen County plastic surgery center today.